Warracknabeal Education Precinct
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over 15 years

Our community has been working to secure funding to complete the Warracknabeal Education Precinct

WORK Together

The Warracknabeal Education Precinct will bring together The Warracknabeal Primary School, Warracknabeal Special Developmental School and Warracknabeal Secondary College onto one campus with new and shared facilities

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The Victorian Labor Government has pledged $0 towards the project 

The project has been partially funded, and construction is almost complete on Stage 1

An additional $16M is required to complete Stage 2 

The Liberal National Party has pledged $6.6M if they win the November election - this amount falls well short of the full amount required to continue this vital project


failing our students

If the full funding isn’t secured then the new buildings will be unusable for their intended purpose

Current facilities are unworkable to deliver educational programs

Inaction from government after government is failing our students and our community